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Savo Store Air freight
Shipping Only - Air Service
Shop at your favourite online stores, ship to our U.S. Address. Have your goods forwarded to you via air freight.
Get an instant quote below. This service is provided at a cost of $15/KG BASED ON ACTUAL OR VOLUMETRIC WEIGHT - whichever is higher. The minimum charge is $15. Delivery is within 7-15 business days. For instant realtime updates, use our SHIPPING ONLY TOOL to provide us with your tracking information in advance and recipient delivery details.
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Shop on any U.S. online stores and ship to our secure U.S. warehouse address.
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You are required to use our Shipping Only Tool to provide us with the courier tracking information issued to you by the seller. 
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We Ship and Deliver
After receiving your goods, we'll send you an invoice, dispatch and deliver to your destination within 7 to 15 business days.
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Our US warehouse is open only on weekdays (Monday to Friday 9 AM to 5 PM). When shipping goods to our U.S. Address, the name and the phone number on the package should be those of the Savo Store account holder. If the package is being delivered to a different person at the final destination, you will be prompted to provide us with their contact information in our Shipping Only Tool. If the seller or vendor requires a phone number in order to process your order, provide them with our Package Ordering Phone number: 657-215-7361. Our US warehouse will open and inspect the contents of your package before shipping as is required by regulations.

Air Freight Delivery Timeline
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7 to 15 business days
We Deliver to You
 Ship Date and Invoicing
 Your goods depart our U.S. warehouse every Wednesday and arrive at your destination within 7 to 15 business Days. The cut off for delivery to our warehouse is Tuesday at 11 AM. You can expect an invoice for the shipping cost on the actual ship date i.e Wednesday, or two days before or after the ship date depending on our weekly volume. You will need to log in to your Savo Store account to view your invoice. Please note that we cannot ship your goods nor can we send you an invoice if you have not entered your tracking information into our Shipping Only Tool.
 This service is provided at a cost of $15/KG based on actual or volumetric weight - whichever is higher. We recommend using our shipping cost calculator above in order to determine your precise shipping cost in advance. The minimum charge is $15.
Insurance: The cost of $15/KG includes complimentary insurance against loss of a value of upto $100 only. We offer additional insurance at a cost of $50 for every $1,000 of value you'd like to insure.
 Our Shipping Only Tool
 What is our Shipping Only Tool? We use this tool to collect tracking information from you about packages that are currently on transit to our U.S. warehouse. This tracking information (in the form of tracking numbers) is from delivery companies such as Fedex, UPS, USPS and DHL. We use these tracking numbers to automatically send you confirmation emails once your packages arrive at our U.S. Address.
We also use your Shipping Only Tool entries to determine if you would like your packages consolidated and shipped together, or shipped separately.
You are also prompted to provide us with the contact information of the recepient of the package when providing us with your tracking numbers.
Using our Shipping Only Tool is required when using any of our Shipping Only services. Any pacakges not entered into our Shipping Only Tool will be shipped and invoiced separately. You should provide us with your tracking information before your packages arrive at our US warehouse. Click here to view our Shipping Only Tool.
 Prohibited Items
 There are certain items we are unable to ship due to various regulations. Click here to view a full list of prohibited items. If you aren't sure whether we can ship a particular item, please email us before shipping it to our U.S. Address. In the event that an item has to be returned or sent to a different location, we can do this for you at your cost. We work with FedEx to process return packages, which they will usually pick up from our warehouse and deliver to the desired location. We will arrange all of this on your behalf. If you wish to arrange your own shipping method or if you get a return label from the seller, kindly note that we do not do drop-offs to any shipping companies, courier drop-off points or any locations in the US. The courier company must pick up the item from our US warehouse. We are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. 
Why use this service?
 This service is perfect for you if you prefer the control of shopping for yourself online at your own time and convenience. If you see something on your favourite online store, simply purchase it and use our U.S. Address at checkout. After we receive your goods at our U.S. address, we'll ship them out on the very next Wednesday. You can expect to receive them 7 to 15 Business days later.
 Are you in the Diaspora?
This service is excellent for you if you are based in the US and would like to ship goods to friends and family in Kenya, or to a business in Kenya. Simply ship the goods to our U.S. address, and we will forward them to the recepient in Kenya within 7 to 15 Business Days.
 Shipment Protection
Our Shipping Only - Air service only provides complimentary insurance on $100 of the value of your shipment. If your shipment has a value greater than $100, kindly email us at to request additional insurance. The cost of insurance is 5% of the value of your shipment, with a minimum insurance charge of $30. This protects your shipment from loss while on transit. Please note that the insurance charges MUST be paid before your goods depart the US in order for the insurance to be deemed active.